New Trends in Wedding Food for 2014
Jun 18, 2019

Food is one of the biggest decisions you will make for your wedding. With the help of a personal chef and these new trends in wedding food, you and your guests will nosh on the latest and greatest flavors.

Small Bites

Canapés, small plates, tapas-whichever name you call them by, they are a huge trend in wedding food. When you hire a chef talk with them about their small plate options. Their knowledge and experience will help to create a diverse and theme appropriate canapé menu that you and your guests will love.

Cocktail Hour

Amped up cocktail hours are becoming more and more popular at weddings. Much detail is now considered when creating a cocktail menu and stocking the bar is an art form in itself. Consider offering a signature cocktail. Develop an idea with your personal chef and a mixologist so that food and drink flow seamlessly.

Lighter Fare

With health conscious food on the rise, adding some light and healthy menu items is a popular choice at weddings. This trend will continue to grow. Your personal chef can help you choose a few that a right for your menu.

Breakfast Anytime

Adding breakfast items is an interesting new trend in wedding fare. Some chefs are adding in a breakfast course to their menus. Unique twists on steak and eggs have recently made appearances on wedding menus as well.

Pair it Up

Serving paired options s a fun way to feed your guests. Offer up a small bite with a matching cocktail. It’s a conversation starter that guests love.

DIY Stations

Guests love novel ideas at weddings. Why not try a do-it-yourself ice cream or dessert station. Or keep it savory with a DIY slider bar.

Dessert Details

Sure there’s the wedding cake. But no one will complain if you add a little something extra to the dessert options. Try beignets with milkshake shooters, or a selection of sweet hand pies.

Late Night Munchies

People are starting to enlist the late night snack at weddings. It’s a great idea to keep the party going with small bites served throughout the night.

Designing a menu with a talented personal chef will ensure that you keep guests happy- and well fed- throughout your special day.

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