Paleo Dinner Party Menu Ideas that are sure to please
Jun 18, 2019

Everyone loves a good dinner party-even those on special diets. The Paleo diet is no exception. While it is still gaining in popularity, over the years the it has gained a bit of a reputation as being a bit restrictive when it comes to food choices. But, the right private chef can design some Paleo-inspired menus that will surely impress everyone at your next dinner party- Paleo eater or not.

When you hire a personal  chef, be sure to speak with them about your desire to create a Paleo menu that will have something for everyone that is attending your dinner party. Dinner catering is such a time and stress saver at any dinner party, but it makes a huge difference at a dinner party where special diet are being considered.

Experimenting with Paleo at a dinner party gives guests a chance to experience this type of eating prepared by a skilled in home chef who can create amazing flavor profiles while still staying within Paleo guidelines.

Here are a few starters, main dishes, sides and salads, and even desserts, that you might find on a Paleo-inspired dinner party menu.

Paleo Diet Starters:

Gazpacho, Assorted raw veggies with tahini dipping sauce, bacon wrapped dates, plantain bites, stuffed mushrooms, spinach roulade with smoked salmon, butternut squash and bacon wrap bites, deviled eggs, butternut squash soup, mini spiced meatballs, spiced nuts.

Paleo Diet Mains:

Spicy buffalo-style chicken, grilled steak, grilled kabobs, bacon and apple pork chops, halibut, coconut beef skewers with crispy kale, Roasted garlic and herb pork roast, lamb salad, salmon with olive tapenade, rosemary and lemon chicken, cod piccata, lamb chops.

Paleo Diet Soups:

Broccoli soup, butternut squash and apple soup, coconut and chicken soup, paleo mushroom soup, paleo carrot soup, roasted cauliflower soup, thai vegetable soup

Paleo Diet Sides:

and salads-roasted or grilled asparagus, spinach salad, sweet potato fries, roasted beet salads, fresh greens with cumin and lime dressing, roasted cauliflowers, sautéed kale, spinach salad, radicchio salad with frisee and apples, raw kale shitake salad, spicy slaw, zucchini carpaccio, arugula cucumber salad with lemon dressing.

Paleo Diet Desserts:

mocha mousse, almond butter blondies, apple crisp, cherry and blueberry crumbles, dark chocolate bark, dark chocolate truffles, chocolate raspberry bon-bons, rosemary and chocolate truffles, vanilla fig bars, raw chocolate fudge.
In addition to wowing your guests at your next dinner party with something new, you might also take away a few favorite recipes that you will want  to prepare for your regular weekly meals.

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