Restaurant Trends 2015 – What we expect to see
Jun 18, 2019

As we move towards 2015, new Restaurant trends in food and drink are starting to emerge. As these trends grow, personal chefs are taking note on how to incorporate these items into menus and bring them into your home for your next dinner party. Foodies, restaurateurs, and chefs alike are voicing their opinions and predictions for what we will be eating and drinking in 2015.

How We’ll Eat

Australian food has never been one to pin itself down to a simple definition. Taking influence from multiple geographical areas and taking produce from both sea and land, Australian food always serves an interesting plate.

Melbourne in particular is experiencing tremendous growth as a city to watch for foodies across the globe. Constantly evolving and untied to any one culture in particular, the possibilities for cuisine are wide-open and well-taken advantage of.

Native herbs, vegetable-based dishes, and carefully showcased Australian produce fill the best Australian restaurants like Vue de Monde, Brae, Saint Crispin, and Charcoal Lane.

As trends continue to shine in these popular spots, personal chefs have their finger on the pulse and are translating ways to bring these dishes and preparations into your home.

How We’ll Drink

No party is complete without a good cocktail. Locally brewed and distilled microbreweries are taking center stage right now. Your personal chef can choose a perfect beer or spirit tasting menu to bring this trend to your next dinner party or special event.

Raising the Bar on Brunch

Moving beyond artisan coffee and breads, brunch is now becoming a place for chefs to display their latest culinary creations. Some of the top restaurant trends are architecturally designed brunch specialties, dishes featuring strictly local ingredients, and international spins on breakfast classics. Hosting a special brunch? When you hire a personal chef they can recreate these trends right at your table.

Old is New Again

Every few years heritage menu items make a big comeback. 2015 will be no exception. From cured and pickled items found at favorite urban spots, to dehydrated vegetables and tandoor oven cooking for modern-Indian meals, everything old is new again. Offering a heritage menu at your next dinner party is a great conversation starter and completely on trend.
Here’s how a few of our chefs deal with the interesting fruit:

Frozen Treats

New flavors and new ways to serve frozen delights are popping up all over. This upcoming year will bring theatrics and unique flavor to these icy desert classics. Liquid nitrogen helps to create theatrical presentations and also aids in the production of ice cream made without any preservatives, stabilizers, or artificial colourings. Gelato flavors like salted caramel popcorn, earl grey chocolate, and chocolate brownie will be all churned on-site.

Bringing Restaurant Trends Home

Heading into 2015, these food trends will be popping up all over the most popular restaurants. Why not bring these trends into your own home? When it’s time for your next dinner party, wedding, or special event, contact one of our experienced personal chefs and talk about incorporating some of these amazing restaurant trends into your menu.

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