How Social is Your Food?
Jun 18, 2019

In it’s most basic form, food is a necessity. In recent years it has also become one of the most talked about subjects at home and across social media.

In the Home

Going beyond simply talking more about food, the family dynamic has changed in the way that they share responsibility of who gets meals to the family table with 52% of families reporting that this is a shared responsibility. Additionally, what is being served is more carefully considered than ever before with more than 70% of families reporting that they prefer to purchase locally grown goods. The socialization of food also includes a focus on children with over 90% of families saying that they find it to be very important that they teach their children how to cook.

Social Values

The way society looks at food is rapidly changing as more and more light is being shed on production and processing of the food we buy and eat. 55% of the population believes that our food production system is in need of serious reform, mainly because of processed foods. Over 70% of people polled said they would be open to changing the way they ate if it would positively impact the world. 80% of people reported their concern that healthy food has long been too pricey for average incomes and they site this as a major station for change. More than 65% of people believe that companies should be positive contributors and solution centers for issues like hunger and obesity.

Milleninals and Food

Millenials have affected the food and beverage industry dramatically. 6 out of 10 people say that the purpose and the intention behind a brand is just as, if not more important, than the product itself.  Millenials have even made grocery shopping social, with over half of those asked reporting that they usually shop with friends, family, or a significant other.

Social Television and Networks

Of course social media networks play a huge role in how food has been socialized. Once the dinner table was only shared with those who sat around it. Now, via Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, anything from family meals to snack times are shared with thousands. According to statistics, over 520 images of food are shared per minute via Instagram, food is the fourth most popular topic on Pinterest, and over half of adults who were asked said they watch cooking shows with their families often.

So what does this mean for the future of food? It seems that this socialization of food would have many positive effects. Companies and brands are now forced to look closer a the quality of products they produce, Families are more conscious of how they shop and prepare food for their families, and many people are enriched by the culture of sharing their own experiences with preparing food and dining.

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