Spring Dining Trends: What’s Hot, What’s Not
Jun 18, 2019

2014 has been seeing some very interesting food tends. Here’s a look at what’s on it’s way to the top, what everyone is talking about right now, and what is soon to be yesterday’s news.

Trends On the Rise

The continued health consciousness of the masses continues to rub off on dining establishments making trends like juice bars up and coming.

On the other, comfort food end of the spectrum, fried chicken seems to be just about everywhere, on all types of menus.

Also making an appearance in unexpected places, hot dogs are getting the five-star topping treatment.

At the bar, small-batch liquors make their way into your cocktails.

For desert, you may see less and less of traditional deserts like cupcakes an begin to see more creative offerings, such as ice cream sandwiches popping up on the menu.

Establishments that take the form of dining halls and those that offer tasting menus are definitely on the rise.

Hot Trends Right Now

Super foods have been steadily rising in popularity and they continue to gain momentum among diners and chefs.

No longer do meat-eaters rule the menus at the top restaurants as vegans and vegetarians can now delight in menus that are produce driven.

As technology continues to shape the way people dine and shop, restaurants that offer online ordering are in high demand.

Single-concept restaurants are also on the rise.

If you order up a cocktail don’t be surprised to see and herbal-infused ice cube in your glass.

Dropping Off

High-calorie IPA’s are loosing popularity as drinkers are favoring small batch craft beers.

As the concept of sustainability becomes more common practice, buzz words, like free-range, grass-fed, locally-grown and sourced are less often used on menus.

Beef prices continue to rise resulting in less restaurants competing for a top spot in the steakhouse market, look for chicken dishes and veg-heavy specials to take beef’s once coveted spot.

While regional Mexican cuisine is still seeing popularity in some restaurants, it seems to have seen its most popular day in the sun.

Remember bacon and chocolate showing up on the dessert menu a lot in the past few years? Look for that trend to pull a disappearing act very soon as it makes many chef’s passé food list.

As the year continues look for these changes in trends at your favorite restaurants and in up and coming dining spots.

What food trends have you spotted recently? Let us know

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