Tips for Easy Outdoor Entertaining
Jun 18, 2019

As Spring and Summer roll in its time to turn the focus to outdoor dining and entertaining. With a few simple tips you can be hosting fabulous outdoor gatherings in no time.

A place for everything

Once the weather warms up it’s a great idea to create a place to store your plates, silver, glasses, and serving plates near your outdoor entertaining area.  With everything in an easy to access spot you will be more inclined to dine and entertaining outdoors more often.

Dress it up

Adding weather-friendly fabrics to your outdoor entertaining space really heightens the style of your space. Go beyond tablecloths with chair cushions, fabric ottomans, and don’t forget a few great sets of napkins.

Prep ahead

Entertaining outdoors can be simple when you prep ahead. Be sure to clean your grill and stock up on charcoal or gas for cooking. Also be sure utensils and serving dishes are at the ready. For the cocktail area, be sure you are well stocked on ice and glasses well in advance.


Even on breezy evenings you can still enjoy a candlelit dinner outdoors by placing tea lights or votive candles inside of hurricane lanterns or ja jars to protect the flames from the wind.

Creating Comfort

To keep mosquitos at bay and keep your guests cool, run a fan near your dining area.  For added protection, fill a basket or small container with essential oils that naturally repel pests.  To be prepared for daytime elements, keep a bottle of sunscreen near your outdoor entertaining area as well.

Spread out the bar

To avoid a bottle neck at the bar, create multiple beverage stations. Place an assortment of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, in large bins full of ice near popular gathering areas in your outdoor space.

Now that you’ve got some great tips for easy outdoor entertaining, gather your friends and family for a chic and simple alfresco get together.

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