Top Designers Share their Favorite Party Style Trends
Jun 16, 2019

This year, top designers and party planners are predicting some fun trends for parties and celebrations. Read on for their favorites.


By now almost everybody is familiar with Pinterest. Great for so many things, it is an invaluable resource for party planners. New ideas can be found daily and the possibility for inspiration is limitless as you peruse this site. Take a hint from the pros and organize and gather some serious party inspiration for yourself.


Moving past the holidays and into the new year, party experts are predicting that bourbon will be huge. Expect anything from bourbon bars to bourbon tastings, this spirit is super hot in the party and entertaining circuit.


Technology is not only changing the food industry, it is changing the party planning industry as well.  Take a tip from the pros and remember to mix in traditional touches with modern technological convenience. If you send a digital invitation, send a hand written note a reminder close to the event. Integrating technology into entertaining is about incorporating the convenience and cost-effectiveness of technology with the polite traditions of real interactions.

A return to the intimate

Because technology plays such a huge role in all aspects of our lives, party planners are seeing a surge of requests for very small and intimate dinners. These types of parties really allow people to socialize and spend time together in real life, rather than online. This is becoming more and more important to customers.

Expert Advice

Experts also weighed in on their best, most universal, party advice. Coming out on top was the ideas that the most important job of the host is not prepping food or drinks, but rather making sure that each guest is having a good time. Experts suggest monitoring the party throughout the evening, looking for those on the sidelines and bringing them into conversations. By checking in with guests, hosts can be sure their parties are a blast from the first guests arrival to the last guest says goodnight.

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