The World’s Largest Dinner Party – Dinner en Blanc 2014
Jun 18, 2019

Dinner En Blanc is arguably the world’s Ultimate Pop-Up Dinner Party. It all began 25 years ago in Paris, started by Fracois Pasquier and a few of his friends. Now, 25 years after the initial launch, Dinner en Blanc is host to gatherings that total nearly 15, 000 people annually.

What is Dinner en Blanc?

Dinner en Blanc is a chance for diners to meet at a secret location and share a great meal with friends in a fabulous location. Up until the reveal of the location, diners are unaware of where the meal will take place. At the very last moment, the spot of the evening’s pop-up dinner is given to thousands of people who are eagerly awaiting the reveal of this year’s Dinner en Blanc locations. The evening evokes the feeling of glamorous courtly diners as thousands, dressed impeccably in all white, gather together for this truly momentous event.

The Details

Once guests are invited, they are given a list of rules and guidelines to follow when attending the event.  Guests must bring a table and two white chairs, a picnic basket filled with a high-quality menu, and china for dining. Guests wishing to purchase food instead of pack their own can do so by ordering their meals from the venue online.  Guests must be dressed elegantly in white for Dinner en Blanc-it’s all part of the ambiance.

How Many Dinner en Blanc Events are there?

Almost 40 events are scheduled or waiting to be approved as a go for this year. Most of the events take place in North America and Europe. Close to 100,000 people participate in this event each year. There is a waiting list of several thousand people to attend this prestigious event.

Dinner En Blanc Australia 2014

This year, Dinner en Blanc will take place in Australia in Sydney on November 29 and in Brisbane on October 11. This past weekend the extravagant pop-up picnic had a fantastic turnout as 3000 people gathered together on Bondi Beach for an unforgettable meal.

The Dinner en Blanc festivities in Brisbane and Sydney promise to be memorable events in the 2014 world of fine dining, great food, and entertaining.

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