10 Australian Food Trends that we love
Jun 18, 2019

Check out these trends that have left a memorable mark on the Australian food world.

Cold-Drip Coffee

The ideas behind the cold-drip coffee is that without heat, you do not burn the coffee beans, therefore getting a better quality cup of coffee. These cold-drip filters now perch in almost every coffee house around town waiting to make the best of your favorite coffee bean.


These iced treat stations were once absolutely everywhere. Simple as it sounds- a cup filled with frozen yoghurt and topped with your favorite candies, cookies, and fruits-froyo was gobbled up left and right. Their popularity has chilled a bit, but froyo can still be found around Strathfield and Eastwood in Sydney, Sunnybank in Brisbane and Balaclava in Melbourne.


Once a chain like McDonalds starts selling something by the pack, you can be sure a trend has reached its maximum peak.  While these sweet treats have definitely left a memorable mark on dessert culture, their hip factor has definitely diminished for now.

Quinoa, Chia Seeds, and Super foods

Still going strong, these health foods can now be found on almost any menu you come across. They have been used in so many different ways and their versatility may be one of the reasons, aside from their obvious health benefits, that they are still reigning supreme on menus.

Drink in Jars

Been to a party lately? Then you’ve probably been served a drink in a mason jar. But this trend has moved beyond cocktails. Many small bars and restaurants are offering signature cocktails, juice blends, and desserts in jam and preserving jars.

Salty and spicy deserts

Savory and sweet trends continue to populate desert menus. The most popular versions are of course salt and caramel and chili in chocolate. Moving in on this trends is butter in coffee and seaweed sugared popcorn. It’s nothing if it’s not interesting.

Pork Belly

This trend is simply everywhere and is the top choice for many chefs as the main pork dish on their menus. The fatty meat and crisp top make it the most succulent cut for any dish.

Some of these trends are still going strong, while others have moved aside to make room for the next best thing.

Either way, these trends have all all had their day in the food spotlight.

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