5 Australian Food Trends you Need to Know About
Jun 18, 2019

Australians are known for their sophisticated palettes. In 2014 and 2015 we can expect even more diversity in the way we prepare an enjoy food.

Flavours without borders

Australia has long been popular for it’s eclectic mix of world cuisines. 2014 has seen this trend continue and become even more exotic as we approach 2015. Korean and South American flavours will continue to influence Australian cuisine well into 2015. Continue to look for interesting cultural cuisine mix-ups like sushi tacos, Italian burritos, and ramen burgers, just to name a few.

Gastronomical Getaways

As many as 1 in 3 Australians say that they have chosen a vacation destination based on the local cuisine. This trend continues to grow as foodies look for the next big food town to tour and taste.

Dining In

At home cooking and entertaining continues to gain popularity. Almost half of Australians who were surveyed claimed that home cooked meals were there favorite style of dining. Entertaining at home and staying in for dinner will continue to grow in popularity as we head into 2015. Good food shared with good friends in a casual environment never goes out of style.

This trend also reflects itself in restaurants as simpler menu items are being featured. Single item restaurants are also on the rise.

Tech in the Kitchen

In our technology-heavy culture, the demand for more efficient, more advanced kitchen gadgets is on the rise. The desire for and production of all-in-one kitchen gadgets is steadily increasing.

Free-Range on the Rise

Eco-friendly diets continue to gain popularity. Free-range products, grain-fed meat, and organic produce are more in demand are becoming more readily available. There is still however the question of budget. While these products are more accessible as far as where they are being sold, not everyone can dish out the cost of these eco-friendly goods. Look for prices to become more reasonable as “farmer-friendly” foods become a more popular way to eat.

As we approach 2015, look for more trends centered around vegetarian cuisine, changes in where and how we shop for our food, and the social aspect of food and dining.

What food trends have you spotted recently? Let us know

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