5 Items Every Foodie Should Have on their Shopping List for Spring
Jun 18, 2019

As the Seasons change and new produce becomes readily available, foodies anxiously await their favorite flavors and new dish combinations. Here are five of the best flavors that foodies wait for all Winter.

Spring Seasonal Food


These wild onions are the pick of the season every year. So much so that you’d be hard pressed to find a hip Spring menu without them. Because they are only in season for a short time, Chefs rush to use them in the most creative ways they can before they are gone again until next year. Often grilled, pickling has become another way to treat ramps. Pickling does double duty as it also helps wild onion lovers to extend their life through to the end of Summer. Adding these to your Spring dinner party menu will put your meal right on trend and in season.


Many accredit a love of this Spring classic to childhood memories of pies and jams. Dished up as a flavor all its own, or combined with other fruits, Rhubarb is a Spring tradition that foodies can’t wait to cook with. Of course the most famous of all is strawberry rhubarb pie, but one needn’t stick solely to the classics. Switch things up with rhubarb upside down cake, rhubarb mousse, or a rhubarb granita. Talk to your personal chef about adding a Rhubarb element to your Spring dinner party or celebration menu. Not only is Rhubarb delicious, the color is absolutely amazing.

Pea Shoots

This Spring tradition is one that gardeners should relish. Those curly tendrils and leaves that grow on the vine are edible and taste just like-you guessed it-peas. Don’t have your own garden? No worries. Pea shoots are popping up at farmer’s markets and grocery stores as of late. Great on sandwiches, salads, and even tossed in pasta, pea shoots are a Spring foodie favorite for their fresh flavor, nutrient-rich quality, and versatility.

Garlic Scapes

While on the topic of edible of-shoots, we can’t forget to mention garlic scapes. Scapes are the green shoots that grow out of garlic bulb heads. These have a bright flavor and are especially liked by those who like the flavor of garlic but prefer something a bit more mild. Consider asking your personal chef to incorporate a trendy nod to Spring with a garlic scape pesto added to your menu.


What would Spring be without flowers? Blooms aren’t just for vases anymore-especially when it comes to foodies. Fresh Spring blooms are popping up everywhere as chefs use blossoms to create cocktails, desserts, and salads. Think sugared flowers on delicate cupcakes and cookies, lavender infused cocktails, and edible violet and rose petal creations.

Bring these Spring favorites home

Dinner parties with trendy elements are always a great conversation starter. It’s also a great time to try something new and share that experience with family and friends. For your next gathering, consider hiring a personal chef  who can help create a memorable menu that will help you celebrate with taste and style.

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