5 Tasty Food Trends That Will Continue in 2015
Jun 16, 2019

With 2015 underway restaurateurs, caterers, and event planners are taking note of trends that will continue to go strong well into the new year. Read on for five trends you can expect to see as the new year continues.

Continued Customization

Customized, individualized food and drinks will remain high on the radar for 2015. Think personal bride and groom cocktails for weddings, specially brewed coffees, individually flavored and iced cupcakes-all created with one person-you-in mind. These custom goods add a great personal touch to any event.

The Mini Food Trend

Tiny versions of your favorite foods are going nowhere. These mini foods grew in popularity in 2014, and are continuing to pop up on restaurant menus as well as wedding and event tables.  Comfort food is still a huge hit in the world of mini food, as are tacos. With elevated ingredients-think shredded suck meat and mole tacos and mini fois gras burgers with artisanal cheese-these mini comfort foods are for both casual and formal events alike.

Small Plates, Shared Dishes

This year, more and more restaurants continue to feature small plates on their menus. Meant to be passed and shared, this food-sharing trend takes its inspiration from Spanish tapas where guests graze from many different dishes at once. Small and shared plates are also making a hit on the catering scene as tapas-style dining makes for great conversation opportunities among guests.

Big on Bacon

Looking to make a statement? No food does it like bacon. What’s big in 2015? Try a whiskey/bacon/maple cocktail or a bacon and sea salt chocolate bar. When you see these bacon treats, you’ll also notice another trend- it has most likely been humanely raised and ethically sourced from a small, local farm.

Starring, Vegetables

Vegetarian and vegan dishes continue to increase their numbers on menus in 2015.  Chefs and caterers have taken notice of the increasing  demand for vegetarian and vegan choices. Not just for side dishes anymore, meatless entrees are all the rage this year. A few popular meatless dishes include quinoa stuffed squash, stacked caprese salad and spinach caponata rolled in thinly sliced, steamed eggplant.

Whether you are planning a lunch, dinner, or other special event, take advantage of one of these delicious trends in 2015.

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