6 Gorgeous Cocktail Hour Pairings
Jun 16, 2019

The best Cocktail Hour Pairings

A great cocktail hour sets the tone for a fabulous wedding. Tasty food served stylishly alongside a well-paired cocktail is what these pairings are all about. Read on and steal a few of these for your Wedding Reception.

Fish ‘n’ Chips and Mini Pint

An irritable ode to all things British, Fish ‘n; chips served alongside a cold pint welcomes guests in a fun way. Serve the fish ‘n’ chips  miniature style in paper cone and pour a mini pint into a rocks glass for extra cool points.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Shooters

These sound simple, and they are, but that is where their popularity lies. Many people don’t expect to be served a childhood favorite at a wedding cocktail our-and are pleasantly surprised when they are! Up the game by using gourmet cheese combos and spreads, skewering the mini grilled cheese, and serve across the tops of mini mugs of tomato bisque.

Mini Tacos and Margaritas

This combo has become very popular in the past few years at cocktail parties and reception cocktail hours. It’s a classic combo made party-ready by its miniature presentation. Don’t feel confined by simply chicken or beef here either. Popular combos include fish tacos paired with mango margaritas, potato and chorizo or grilled lime shrimp tacos paired with a blackberry or watermelon margarita.

Pickled Fish, Mini Baguette and Chilled Vodka

A classic combination in many parts of Eastern Europe, this pairing has been popping up at edgier weddings and events recently. Another more common variation on this same vibe is to serve caviar and vodka.

Steak Bites and Mini Martinis

Like the classic dinner combo, mini steak bites, served atop crustini and garnished with a number of decadent sauces, pairs well with mini martinis, served up in tiny martini glasses to finish the presentation.

Oysters and Whiskey

This option is great offered a station. Offer a few different types of oysters and a sampling of a few different types of whiskey. Add in a local option for extra credit.

When choosing your cocktail hour menu keep in mind the overall style of your event. The cocktail hour is your guests’ introduction to the rest of your night!

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