The Best Australian Food Blogs
Jun 18, 2019

There are a lot of amazing food blogs run out of Australia. But instead of giving you a list of a hundred of the best food blogs, we narrowed it down to our top nine. They’re all different – some focus mainly on the recipes, some on the photography of food, and some on traveling – but each one is engaging, interesting, and fun to look at. Have a look.

Not Quite Nigella

This is a hugely popular, award winning blog. Take a tour of it and you’ll see why. Lorraine is a Sydney native, but a huge traveller. Her love for exploring the world shines through all over the blog – she has a knack for finding amazing food everywhere she goes. She has tons of recipes, even tons of categories of recipes: from Vegetarian to Seafood to Halloween to Gluten Free! This is a great site to be entertained by, but also a very useful place to find unique and delicious recipes.

What Katie Ate

By day, this Sydney resident is a commercial food and lifestyle photographer. But when she’s not doing that, Katie Davies is all-star blogger. Katie’s blog specializes in stunning food photography. It’s less about the recipes and more about other stuff – restaurant reviews, product reviews, artistic pictures, giveaways for her readers. But she does feature great recipes, and it’s fun to see them photographed through a professional artist’s lens.


The site is run by a group of young, smart, mostly Australian writers. The recipes are daring and sophisticated – one calls for salmon caviar, and even their “Picnic Pies” look like little works of art. This is the site to go to if you want a challenge, or want to try something completely out of the box. This is also a very dude-friendly blog. Lots of smoked meats, BBQ, hearty dishes, presented with a cool, conversational voice.

Chew Town

Chew Town is run by a Sydney blogger with Italian roots. The Italian influence shines through in many of her recipes, but it branches out from it, too. This blog is all about making fancy recipes accessible for anyone by showing how easy they can be to cook. The instructions are detailed and the recipes uncomplicated. The site challenges new chefs to try things they’ve never cooked before. It also has an appreciation for making food look amazing – the recipes themselves are pleasing to the eye, and the photography of them is really meticulously, and professionally styled.

Belly Rumbles

A fun food and travel blog by a Sydney native. She creates great, seasonal recipes and encourages eating local – even has an in depth list of local produce markets in Sydney. But it’s also about her travels and restaurant visits – all over Australia, in Japan, in New York City. She’s been blogging since 2009, so there’s a ton of posts to look through if you’re ever in the mood to vicariously travel the world through her.

I Ate My Way Through

This site covers a lot. Run by a team of contributors, this site has everything from travel stories to recipes to product and restaurant reviews. They have popular features like “Sydney Eats” – an insider’s guide to local dining in Sydney, and “Meatless Monday” – vegetarian recipes, and “Gift Ideas”. For a fun and entertaining site that touches on pretty much every food related topic, this is the place to go.

Le Bon Vivant

Here’s a fun lifestyle blog run from Canberra. Rachi is a traveller and a lover of all things food and wine. She is not a chef, and doesn’t offer recipes. And when you read her blog, you won’t mind at all. She is an expert when it comes to fancy food and wine in Canberra, but also has posts in Melbourne, Sydney, even a few in New York and London. While it’s first and foremost about dining out, this is also a blog for other aspects of Rachi’s life. There are book reviews, blogging tips, personal musings, records of her adventures. Check it out.

Simon Food Favorites

Simon is an avid restaurant reviewer operating primarily in Sydney. His blog is hugely popular, widely read, and you can see why. Every restaurant he goes to, he gets a nice sampling of the menu, takes tons of great pictures, gives his opinion on each dish that he tries, and offers pros and cons of the whole experience. He also goes to all kinds of places: upscale restaurants, food carts, coffee houses, food courts, and gives every place the same treatment – a detailed, and honest review that will leave you feeling very hungry…

He Needs Food

Trust me on this one: you will love this blog. Beautifully photographed, expertly presented. He Needs Food showcases the travels and recipes of ex-chef John. You’ll find tons of restaurant reviews documenting his experiences all over Sydney, a fantastic array of interesting recipes to try, and endless eye catching images from John’s travels. One of his interests is eating from the land, as indigenous Australians once did. Check out this section titled “Bush Food” to learn about ingredients native to Australia, and how to incorporate them into your meals.

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