Creating an On-Trend Canapé Menu
Jun 18, 2019

In 2014, canapés, or small plates are listed as one of the top five food trends. And it’s no wonder. Canapés offer a wide variety of tastes, endless wine and cocktail pairings, and they can be casual or all dressed up to fit any event, big or small. Many of our Personal Chefs have canapé menus in addition to their dining menus, so have a browse here.

One of the many great things about a creating a small plate menu for a catered event or dinner party is the wide variety of flavours it presents makes for an ideal setting for a diverse wine pairing. Combining an in-home wine tasting with a canapé menu is a fun option to exercise this small plate trend.

Taste your food

Small plate menus are also gaining popularity with the foodie set because smaller portions encourage “deep tasting,” a process through which people savor a variety foods and drinks in a structured manner in order to get acquainted with their palates.


A canapé menu is wonderful for a party because it offers so much variety. There is truly something for everyone. If you have guests with special dietary needs, a personal chef can help you create a menu that will keep special food items in mind, while offering a wide palate of flavours for all of your guests.

Small plates are perfect for so many different kinds of events, from formal to casual. Having a wedding? Consider working with a caterer to create a canapé menu full of foods and flavours for the engagement party or rehearsal dinner that are inspired by the full menu that you are planning to serve at the wedding.

When creating a small plate menu it is important to run with some type of theme. Working with a personal chef is a great solution as they can guide you towards a menu that presents a perfect balance of tastes while still maintaining the element of variety. By choosing a specific type of cuisine your guests will enjoy the experience of tasting a wide variety of foods from a singular region or country, giving them a more holistic dining experience.

On the other hand, your goal may be to do something that reflects an “around the world” tasting, which in turn becomes your theme. Your caterer can help you choose a few signature flavors from different regions and craft them into a small plate menu that will create a culinary tour at your own dinner table.

Small and Sweet

And don’t forget about desert. Canapés do sweet just as well as they do savory. In fact, many people find small plate desserts to be among their favorites because of their rich, intense flavors and their perfect end-of-the meal sizes. Think dessert shooters, miniature soufflés and tarts, and micro batch ice creams in super exotic flavors.

Set the mood

When serving small plates it helps to remember the whole atmosphere or event. Whether you are having an intimate gathering or a large party, consider the lighting, ambiance, music, and table settings in addition to the food you serve. Working with a personal chef is a great way to ensure that everything will flow seamlessly. Canapé menus encourage mingling, intimate conversations, and a full spectrum food and dining experience.

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