First Impressions: Today’s Top Appetizer Trends
Jun 18, 2019

Appetizers are possibly the most fun part of any meal. They are also where the meal can get really experimental and creative. New food trends will often show themselves first in the appetizer arena as well. Appetizers also fit the way we live today; always moving, downsizing, sharing, and grazing. Consider working with a personal chef to create a super trendy starter menu for your next party. Here’s a list of some hot trends and very “now” appetizers.

Truck Tastes

By now we’re all familiar with the popularity of the food truck. From gourmet to comfort food, they are everywhere and catering to everyone. Appetizers are no exception to this trend. Starters like mini tacos,  sliders, and gourmet-style french fries are hugely popular right now.


No longer just for spaghetti, meatballs are now a very popular appetizer as well. Meatballs have long been a dinner catering favorite, and now, stuffed, served on large spoons, or skewered, meatballs as appetizers are here to stay.

Tasty Toast

We’re not talking bread and butter here. Bruschetta and toasted flatbreads alike are getting all dressed up with unique toppings, dipping sauces and spreads. Artichokes, mushrooms, caprese –style-all of these flavors top today’s best toast.

Stack it

These tall treats layer ingredients to combine for a few flavorful bites that really make an impression, and look cool doing it. Mini pancakes and crepes, sweet and savory, these miniature stacks of flavor are everywhere.

Asian Flavors

Asian flavors are everywhere and appetizers are also getting in on this trend. Pot stickers, wontons, and lettuce wraps are all very on trend. These appetizers are not solely popping up in Asian restaurants; they are in all varieties of eateries and are also a favorite of many personal chefs.

Trio Dips

Dip has always been a popular appetizer. And offering more than one, like hummus, olive, and salsa offers guests the variety of flavor they crave. Serve with crusty bread, toast points, or homemade chips.

Appetizers can mark the start of the meal, or they can be the star of the show. Whichever way you use them, be sure to have some fun with your choices. The next time you are dining out or creating a menu with an in home chef , consider choosing one of these trending appetizers to spice things up.

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