Gearing up for a Springtime BBQ?
Jun 14, 2019

So with winter well behind us, let’s let the good times roll! Imagine barbecuing at the beach, après-surf cold ones and long evenings on the deck.

Spring is upon us, it’s warm, everybody has a captivating level of stoke and those long sunset afternoons are as good as gold!

Australia loves a good BBQ and so does ‘At Your Table’. We want to share a few notions that have us excited to get the Weber out this spring …

So what makes for an epic BBQ?

Smokey grilled meats, fire roasted capsicums, lemon and garlic prawns, cold beers, Chardonnay and stirring banter by the gallon.

One big BBQ tip we would like to share this spring, is our philosophy of slowing things down … we are talking slowly smoked hunks of meat, vibrant salads made beforehand and plenty of time to sit around supping a frosty, while the cooking sorts itself out!

Here are a couple of Slow BBQ recipes and some epic salads that have proven to be a hit for us!

Slowly Smoked BBQ, Harissa Lamb Shoulder

Seriously, this could be the best thing on a BBQ ever … Soft, tender, Smoky lamb all rubbed up with a North African spice paste, lemon zest and left on a BBQ to do its thing.

Ok, so take a trip down to the local butcher and request a boned and rolled Lamb Shoulder – ask nicely if he will butterfly it ready for the BBQ. (You can Smoke/BBQ a shoulder whole, it does take a lot longer though)

Prepping could not be easier with this guy. Simply put a couple of teaspoons of Harissa paste in a bowl with a little extra Olive oil and the zest of 2 lemons.

Season the Lamb well with Sea salt and freshly ground pepper then rub the spice paste all over the Lamb. Leave to marinade for a couple of hours.

BBQ nice and slowly on a low heat with the lid down for 1.5 to 2 hours, sit back relax and turn occasionally. Voila!

Memphis Style BBQ Pork Ribs

Memphis Style BBQ Pork ribs come in all shapes and sizes. Their fame and notoriety, however, come from the sum of time, heat, smoke and sizzling pork fat.

Serious Pit-masters spend years perfecting their recipes, so in spirit, we are offering you a guideline to help create your own precise ratio of herbs and spices.

Paprika, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, garlic and onion powder are all a necessity. The customisation comes from your chosen combo of the following ingredients; Cumin, mustard powder, celery salt, oregano, rosemary, chilli, ginger, Chinese 5 spice and a few others exist, I am sure …

Take your chosen quantities of the above and rub the pork ribs, leaving them to marinade for a few hours before the BBQ. When the time comes for cooking, take it slowwwly. Hardwood smoke is best but charcoal and gas do work, just be sure to cook them for at least 3 hours and anywhere up to 5 or 6 if you have the control!

Sweet Potato, Quinoa, chick pea, goat‘s cheese, lemon and parsley salad

This is a great wholesome, easy to prepare and versatile salad – perfect for making in advance.

  • Sweet potato: Cut into large cubes and coat in Olive oil. Add smoked paprika and roast ‘til browned and soft.
  • Chick peas: soaked and simmered or buy tinned and wash and drain.
  • Quinoa: boil, drain and cool.
  • Goats cheese: crumble and mix with olive oil and lemon zest.

Toss all of these together and finish with freshly picked Flat leaf parsley, plenty of extra virgin Olive oil and lemon juice…

Minted Fennel, pea and spring onion slaw

Soft sticky meats and crunchy slaw go hand in hand like ‘At Your Table’ and supreme dinner parties.

Quick to make, no cooking involved and an enthralling alternative to the random goods folk usually stick next to their sausage sizzle.

Thinly shaved fennel, sliced spring onion, freshly podded peas and chopped mint! So easy, simply dress with Aioli or for a healthier option try using Greek yogurt and seasoning with plenty of lemon juice!

There you have it, a few quick, easy and delicious ideas to get your inspiration cogs turning,

What could we expect to see at your next BBQ? Any ideas or recipes we should know about?

Chris Wright


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