Top 10 Apps Foodies Need Now
Jun 18, 2019

In it’s most basic form, food is a necessity. In recent years it has also become one of the most talked about subjects at home and across social media.

Pay from Your Phone

Never haggle over a bill with your dining partners again. This app allows you to pay the bill directly from your phone and easily split the bill by item.

Food Gawker

True to it’s name, this app will have you gawking at gorgeous pics of food along with recipes from the very best bloggers. Need a dinner idea? Don’t know what to serve at your dinner party Friday? Stuck on a lunch idea? Download this app and solve all these problems.


This app skips the carb counting and lets you in on what you need to know about what is in your food. The app helps you learn which foods you need to watch out for and gives items a food grade to let you know when you have a little room to treat yourself.

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

This app makes planning, shopping, and cooking a breeze.  Find a recipe you like and the app creates a grocery list, then shows you step-by-step cooking directions.

Harvest to Hand

If you are into locally grown produce, this is the app for you. Harvest to Hand scouts out local farmer’s markets, food festivals, and other venues that cater to locally grown freshness.

Seafood Watch

For every seafood lover, this app is a must. Seafood Watch tells you where your fish came from and how it was caught, helping you to be healthy and environmentally conscious all at the same time.

Foodie Recipes

The recipes in this app are updated seasonally which makes it the perfect app for foodies to stay on trend with. With this wealth of seasonal recipes at your fingertips, it’s also easier to cook with more local, seasonal, and fresh ingredients.

Hello Vino, Wine Assistant

This app gives recommendations based on meal and occasion. Added bonus? Once it becomes familiar with your selections, it offers of wines based on your personal preferences.


This cleverly named app finds bars, drinks recipes, and also offers bar deals for its users.

Mixology Drink and Cocktail Recipes

Offering a huge database of creative cocktails, Mixology lets you whip up fancy cocktails like a pro right in your own home.

Download these apps and be as ready as a pro for your next night on the town, or at-home soiree.

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