Wedding Food Trends for 2014
Jun 18, 2019

Every Year, new wedding tends emerge. Incorporating these trends, along with well- loved classics, is a great way to make your wedding extra special. When you hire a chef, ask about including one or more of these trends to really make your celebration shine.

Let’s Do Brunch

No longer just for Sunday’s out, brunch is now becoming a big trend in wedding fare. To keep this theme going work with your personal chef to create drinks that are brunch themed as well. Bloody mary bars are a great addition ot any party, and you could also serve mimosaas and Another related tend is breakfast for dinner. Pancake bars and omelet  stations are always a huge hit and who doesn’t like steak and eggs?


More and more customers and personal chefs alike are turning their focus to using natural ingredients that sourced locally for wedding menus. Impress your guests and be kind to the environment with a local and sustainable wedding menu.


Many venues are integrating “live action” food bars to wedding events. Guests love to be a part of and watch as chefs prepare what they are about to eat. This is also a great way for guests to customize what they want as far as ingredients. Oyster shucking, guacamole mixing, and sushi rolling stations are all very popular right now.

Mobile Food

Food trucks are a huge trend right now, and weddings are no exception. Consider featuring a dessert truck or a cocktail hour truck into your wedding venue. Perfect for any outside setting.


The DIY station trend continues to be huge this year. French fry bars, with cones of fries with endless toppings and flavored salts to choose from a re a huge hit with guests. Introducing a French fry station works for both formal and more casual affairs. For a casual affair make the station part of the main menu. For something more formal, roll out the station later in the evening as a late snack for guests.

Dressed Up Comfort Food

Comfort foods all dressed up in fancy presentations is another huge wedding trend. This is a great way to incorporate a couple’s favorite food, or a family heritage recipe into a wedding menu. A personal chef can help you transform a family classic into a wedding dish that guests will savor.

Rustic Chic

Rustic weddings are all the rage right now. And a rustic wedding should have food presentation that mirrors its nature. Rustic presentation can include family-style service, buffet tables instead of rounds, and guest favors like personalized preserved jams.

Gatsby Style

With last summer’s Great Gatsby mania came a renewed love of all things 1920’s and jazz era. Champagne cocktails and towers, small bite tea sandwiches, and presentation styles reminiscent of the art deco era are all huge this year.

Non-Traditional Deserts

The cupcake is making its exit as the most popular wedding desert and is being replaced with crepes, macaroons, and beignets served with mini milkshakes

If you are planning a wedding in 2014, ask your private chef to help you incorporate these trends into your wedding for a perfectly unique wedding you and your guests will not forget.

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