World Cuisine Trends in 2014
Jun 18, 2019

This year we are seeing some very interesting trends in world cuisine. Brought into restaurant, catered parties, weddings, and other special events, world cuisine adds an element of uniqueness to any menu.

In 2014, the most popular world cuisines and flavors will be an interesting mix of old and new, all packed with tremendous flavor.

Modern Asian

Southeast Asian cuisine has made a huge jump on the trending list this year. Dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Laos, and Malaysia are popping up on menus in the hottest restaurants and at the chicest catered events. What makes this trend so appealing is its blend of unique ingredients prepared using specific cooking styles that are presented in dramatic and sometimes unexpected ways.

Regional Cuisine

Another huge trend this year is regional ethnic cuisine. The popularity of this style of cuisine no doubt has its roots in the rising popularity of sustainability and locally sourced products. Chefs who specialize in regional cuisine highlight indigenous ingredients and culturally specific dishes. The range of focus here is huge, from modern Italian and French, to Modern Australian and Mediterranean, the selection of menus for this trend is vast. Many chefs have a specific regional focus. Whether in a restaurant or at a private party or special event, diners should take note of their chef’s specialty.

Korean Cuisine

Korean cuisine is rapidly claiming the number one spot at the emerging global food trend table. Coming up hot on the heels of Tai and Vietnamese cuisine, Korean dishes, like kimchi, have started showing up almost everywhere. From in-home party menus, to high-end restaurants, Korean flavors are a huge trend right now. On the hipster end of the spectrum, hot dogs topped with a myriad of kimchi creations have been a hit with foodies for a while now.

Peruvian Cuisine

With its wealth of exotic and unusual flavors, Peruvian cuisine is having its day in the sun. Peru has been noted as the gastronomical capital of South America for its bright and complex dishes. Several gourmet Peruvian restaurants have opened in London in the recent past and have found great success. The most popular and globally known dish that has emerged from Peru in the past has been ceviche. In the future, look for this trend to continue, along with increasingly popular dishes, such as papa rellena, uniquely filled empanadas, carapulcra, along with sweet dishes like picarones, and exotic, indigenous flavored ice creams like camu camu and prickly pear.

Whether you are dining at a restaurant, or in the comfort of your own home, tasting these new and trending tastes of world cuisine is always a great choice.

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