Apr 20, 2021

Everything you need to know about Nduja


What is Nduja?

Native to Calabria in Southern Italy, nduja is a spreadable pork sausage. It boasts a spicy flavor and is made from pork fat, herbs, and spices. This sausage gets its extra kick, and its deep red color,  from the addition of Calabrian chiles.

How do you eat Nduja?

You do not need to cook nduja and so it can be eaten as a spread for crackers or breads, but its texture does allow for it to be cooked in recipes as well, making it a very flavorful and flexible addition to a variety of dishes. There are many popular ways to use nduja, such as spreading it onto toasted bread, cooked into red sauces for pastas, atop pizza, or served with eggs. 

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