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Customer Feedback

Thanks to our customers At Your Table has received 589 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5!

Here's what a few of our customers are saying;

Just letting you know that we had an excellant evening last night. Chef Demelza was delightful and professional and her menu was delicious. Our waitress Yalda was also excellant. It was lovely to be able to relax and celebrate my husband’s birthday with our guests knowing that everything was totally under control.

They took very good care of us!

Chef: Demelza Donohoo - Food: | Service:
melissa kah (NSW)

Eddie was fabulous. The food was delicious and more importantly he was very comfortable in our home. Easy going and approachable.

Chef: Eddie Basich - Food: | Service:
Melinda Carney (VIC)

Caleb’s food was outstanding 20/10!!
Caleb also has a warm, caring and generous disposition and looked after everything > preparation, explaining courses, tidying up etc

Chef: Caleb Song - Food: | Service:
Tim Trollip (NSW)

Fabulous food, service and humour. I could not fault Clancy or Tommy. They were wonderful in every aspect. My guests were talking about it all weekend and my husband Neil, was very happy with the surprise.

Chef: Clancy Atkinson - Food: | Service:
Sharryn Waite (NSW)

Thank David for his fabulous food on Saturday night – everyone was
delighted and commenting very positively and unfortunately no leftovers!!!
and am sure you will gain some business in the future. We loved what he
did for us and he was great to have as a part of the celebration.

Chef: David Kolembus
Jenny Godson (NSW)

We loved how Thomas introduced each meal including the GF meals. Friendly, and professional.

Chef: Thomas Rye - Food: | Service:
Andrea McCann (VIC)

Loved Carlos and Ynette. Lovely people – lovely food.
Of the 3 courses the common preferred dish was the ceviche.
Carlos was also very attentive to our guest who had trouble digesting because of throat cancer.
We asked them to sit at lunch with us and we all played cards together afterwards.
Everyone has told me how much they enjoyed thenselves.

Chef: Carlos Astudillo - Food: | Service:
Warwick O'Brien (SA)

Our kitchen / dining area is open plan and it was great for everyone (there was 8 of us) to be able to observe the cooking in progress if they wanted to. Likewise though, the Chef &Waiter were discreet and definitely didn’t intrude!

Probably would have liked a slightly longer space between main and dessert, but this in no way impacted on the quality of the food.

A couple of the females did comment that the beef serving (meat portion only) was quite large!

We were however disappointed to discover the uneaten bread was just thrown out! Many of those present would have kept that and even made bread crumbs! Just a thought.

Chef: Anthony Bloxham - Food: | Service:
donna harding-smith (VIC)

Denise did a wonderful job! We loved her menu, it’s was deliscous!!
She was also very friendly and left my kitchen spotless.

Chef: Denise Tan - Food: | Service:
Vanessa Patino (WA)

Kieran prepared the most amazing meal for 8 guest. Our selection of Cured Salmon, Lamb Wellington and Berry Tart was perfect. Our guest were delighted at the quality of the food and the service and presentIon. The kitchen was left spotless with nothing for us to do which added to the enjoyment of the evening.

Chef: Kieran Mc Comiskey - Food: | Service:
Marie Heavens (WA)

The chef was amazing. Very organized. Polite and professional. The food and wine was amazing. The waitress just wasn’t the greatest and didnt need to be there. She had not helped much.

Chef: Romain Sylvestre - Food: | Service:
Leanne Savory (WA)

Christian was friendly, unintrusive and willing to follow my lead when it came to setting the pace and tone for the evening. We were really happy with the night.

Chef: Christian Hartley - Food: | Service:
Marina Cilona (NSW)

Interacted well with everyone
Interesting background and shared his experiences
Catered well for those with dietary requirements

Chef: Tom Kime - Food: | Service:
Damin Pearson (NSW)

Gerard and his assistant Belinda were wonderful – they arrived early and had everything going well in time for the start of guests arriving – the food was fabulous and I can’t thank them enough for making the party a truly enjoyable experience

Chef: Gerhard Wayd - Food: | Service:
Amanda Rutherford (NSW)

He was lovely . Professional and cooked beautifully

Chef: Caleb Song - Food: | Service:
Vanessa Simonetta (NSW)

Dinner was fab! I was very impressed and would never have guessed it was Chef Shane’s first time!
Both he and the waitress were very friendly and professional the whole time, even whipping out a GF dessert when I had overlooked requesting it (oops, we had birthday cake for dessert which was not GF) AND providing my husband with same GF dessert on demand!! (it was his party so I guess they let him get away with it – ‘where’s MY pear?!’)
They dealt with the small space incredibly well – as I had organised everything without viewing the venue, I had not realised it was so small….kitchen and dining are in the same room…..the photos are really deceiving. Everything was served beautifully, the food was amazing, and they cleaned everything up. Very impressed, and would most certainly recommend them for a unique dining/party experience.
My husband is a foodie, hard to please with high expectations (what was I thinking?!) and he was impressed – mission accomplished.
Shane nailed the brief and executed it brilliantly.
All the guests had a wonderful night, and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind sending in some feedback for you also if you like.
thanks for the memories!! it was perfect.

Chef: Shane Pearl
Kate Buric (TAS)

Excellent, excellent, excellent. Darrin, Josh and David were all fantastic and dealt with my guests who were of ranging ages with respect and decorum.

Chef: Darrin Tunstall - Food: | Service:
Nicola Stubbings (QLD)

Caleb showed up on time and came prepared with everything he needed to prepare a lovely creative meal for us. I was so honored that he enjoyed looking around our kitchen as it’s our pride and joy. The food was perfectly prepared and I really felt like Caleb went above and beyond to make our dinner special for our anniversary. He added in some complimentary courses and cleaned up beautifully at the end. Thankyou for a fabulous experience!

Chef: Caleb Song - Food: | Service:
Whitney Keir (NSW)

Luke did an amazing job. We were all very impressed with the service and quality.

Chef: Luke Foster - Food: | Service:
Iris Carius (SA)

We would like to thank Glen and Justine for such a fantastic day. The food and service were amazing and it allowed me to just relax and enjoy the day with my family. Everyone said it was the best family event we’ve ever had. I highly recommend the experienced. Thanks again. Clare.

Chef: Glen Robberts - Food: | Service:
Clare Allen (VIC)

Chef Eddie was excellent – food was outstanding

Chef: Eddie Basich - Food: | Service:
Peter Pirera (VIC)