Caleb’s Canapé menu


puffed nori, tuna poke, sesame seed, shallot, soysauce

vege rice paper roll, homemade peanut sauce

korean sauce ‘doenjang’ marinated pork loin, witloaf, daikon pickle

puffed tapioca, king prawn, shellfish mayo, spring onion, lime

salmon tartare, cremefraiche, leek aioli, lemon segment, ricecracker

chicken breast baby baguette, leek dressing, chilli, shallot o,

assorted tomate, basil with grilled baguette


thai fish skewer, namjim sauce

pork belly seam bun, chilli mayo, cucumber, coriander

prawn, pork dumpling, soy sauce, daikon pickle

korean beef ‘galbi’ meatball, mushroom, ‘galbi’ sauce

lambshank croquette, goatcheese, date

pumpkin fritata, sage, pinenut, blue cheese


chocolate mousse cake, raspberry, finger biscuits

greentea mousse , sponge cake

white chocolate pecan pudding, chocolate chantly

coconut panacotta, coconut gallate, coconut jelly


soy sauce pulled beef short rib, chestnut mash potato, mushroom

thai green curry with chicken, rice, coriander, deepfried shallot

asian flavoured congee, crab meat, chive

thai fish cake, thai salad

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