Caleb’s Canapé Menu


Cured salmon tartare, chogochujang sauce (korean red chilli sauce), water parsley, perilla leaf, gem lettuce, crunch garlic, Japanese radish pickle

Panfried scallop, feta crème, assorted tomato

Korean beef tartare, eggyolk, pear, sesame seed, scallion, soy

Cauliflower tart, caviar, chive

Tofu Rice paper roll, homemade bean peanut sauce (v)

Poached King prawn, chilli shellfish aioli, ginger pickle, spring onion

Grilled baguette, tomato textures, basil, leek oil


Steamed rice, soy, sesame oil, tobiko, chive, soy braised radish

Stirfried minced beef, eggplant, shitake mushroom, soy mayo, leek

Lamb shank roulade, pumpkin, harrisa puree, deepfried caper

Ssamjang marinated pork belly bun, ssamjang mayo, cucumber, spring onion

Corn panna cotta, corn jelly, parmesan cheese, brussel sprouts, hollandaise

Soy sauced pork trotter croquette

24 hours sousvide beef short rib, mushroom duxelle tart


Condensed milk panna cotta, Korean rice beer granita, soy bean powder, puffed rice cake, milk skin

Avocado yoghurt bavarois, strawberry, candied pistachio

Yuzu chiboust, strawberry meraeng

Soft dark chocolate cream, black berry, chocolate meraeng

White chocolate and banana cremeux, boxgalatte, butterscotch sauce


Beef shortrib burger, Korean galbi mayo, jack cheese, cabbage onion salad

Thai flavor prawn, namjim dressing, Asian salad

Steamed fish of the day, umami butter, pancetta, cauliflower puree, potato, katsuobushi cream

Steamed crab meat, Korean potato cake, feta, leek, potato, creamy veloute

Chargrilled octopus, silken tofu, soy dashi sauce, squid ink crumb

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