Caleb’s Canapé menu


Baked beetroot, apple, dill, cremefraiche (V)

Fresh oyster, korean pear, cucumber, yuzu

Korean beef tartare, eggyolk, pear, sesame seed, scallion, soy, tapioca puff

Asian herbal chicken stock pearl, rice puff

Tofu Rice paper roll, homemade bean peanut sauce (V)

Poached King prawn, chilli shellfish aioli, ginger pickle, spring onion

Salmon tartare, sour cream, lemon, grape, apple, wasabi, rice cracker


Nori pureed rice, tobiko, soy, chive, nori puff

Smoked kangaroo, blini, onion jam

Sweet corn puree, brussel sprout, hollandaise (V)

Ssamjang marinated pork belly bun, ssamjang mayo, cucumber, spring onion

Soy glazed duck breast, barley puff, orange

Chicken breast stick, thai green curry sauce

Thyme Potato cake, wasabi sour cream, chive (V)


Dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut, chocolate meringue

Caramelized apple, puff pastry, caramel gel, candied mixed nut

Coconut panacotta, mango, coriander

White chocolate creamaux, banana, rum, caramel

Yuzu chiboust, strawberry, tarragon


Korean beef galbi meatball, jack cheese, tomato sauce, baguette

Thai flavor prawn, namjim dressing, Asian salad

Ginger flavoured congee, squid, fish, root vegetable

Cold seafood pasta, roquette

Chargrilled octopus, silken tofu, soy dashi sauce, squid ink crumb

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