Caleb’s 5 Course Tasting Menu

Menu 1

Salmon tartare with grape, apple, lemon, wasabi creme fraiche

Prosciutto wrapped quail breast, quail leg confit with rockmelon, pumpkin

Brick pastry wrapped braised lamb shank with goats cheese, pea, date, rosemary aioli

Sousvide cooked porkbelly with scallop, squid, cauliflower, hazelnut dressing

Chocolate mousse, raspberry, dried spinach cake, meringue

Menu 2

Deepfried octopus with chorizo, tomato, harissa, smoked pork fat, puffed rice

Panfried chicken breast with pesto crust, tomato, parmesan, aged olive oil, balsamic

Duck breast cooked in masterstock, celeriac puree, steamed cabbage, jus

24 hours cooked beef shortrib with wombok croquette, pickle, flavoured soy sauce

Fresh coconut pannacotta, mango, yuzu, sake granita, coconut galette

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