Christian’s Canapé Menu

Cold Canapés

Vegetable rice paper roll, hoisin sauce

Crab & Creamed corn Tartlets

Applewood smoked Salmon, yuzu, avruga caviar

Duck roll, pear and ginger chutney

Tomato & Avocado ceviche, wasabi mayo

Hot Canapés

Beef Empanadas

Chicken Teriyaki, ginger, coriander

Sweet Potato cakes, spicy miso

Potato & feta croquettes, mint aioli

Prawn, Pancetta & basil skewers

Substantial Canapés

Pulled Pork taco, chilli salsa

Slow cooked Lamb, harissa, slaw, flatbread

Chorizo & Feta Gorditas, tomato salsa

Seared Salmon, quinoa salad, sesame soy dressing

Crispy ‘Fish Finger’ taco, wasabi mayo

Dessert Canapés

Vanilla Cheesecake w’ raspberry

Honey Cream, poached pears

Amaretti Tiramisu trifle

Chocolate friands, fudge icing

Roast apple, ‘brik’ pastry, cinnamon sugar

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