Kelly’s Modern Australian


Serrano jamon, bocconchini and peaches 3 ways

Tuna tartare, crunchy Taro, seaweed

Beetroot medley, wasabi cream, crushed nuts

Bone Marrow, salsa verde, potato chips

Scallops, truffled corn puree, crisp prosciutto

Cured king fish, viet mint, apple jelly


Snapper fillet, cauliflower puree, tomato and crab salsa

Confit chicken, corn puree, pancetta, truffle oil, popcorn

King prawn, green paw paw, nauc cham, mango, crushed nuts

Crusted lamb rack, honey pumpkin puree, mushroom and basil ragout

Korean style braised beef short rib, water spinach

Portobello mushroom, sweet onions, asparagus, parmesan


White chocolate, dehydrated strawberries, musk ice-cream and honeycomb

Pineapple and caramel tart, Malibu sorbet

Banana and rum parfait, choc soil, caramel, candied popcorn

Vanilla panacotta, redskin ice-cream, stuffed raspberries, sherbet anglaise

Mixed Chocolate textures

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