Eliana’s culinary odyssey commenced amidst the renowned halls of a historic school in Stresa, Italy. Under the guidance of a passionate mentor, she forged her culinary path, absorbing the rich traditions of Italian gastronomy.

Traversing Italy’s Michelin-starred establishments and expanding her horizons to London, San Francisco, and finally Melbourne, she cultivated an elegant yet unorthodox style. She imbues simplicity with refinement, infusing local and organic ingredients into her creations while honoring the essence of Italian culinary heritage. Ever-evolving and captivated by novel flavors, Eliana experiments with unusual yet enticing combinations, often exploring the tantalizing palette of liquorice, carrots, and fennel. Her kitchen ethos revolves around meticulous organization, ensuring each aspect of the culinary process harmonizes seamlessly.

With influences drawn from diverse sources – exemplified not by her Nonna but by the evolving mastery of chefs worldwide – she remains in awe of those who transcend boundaries in flavor, technique, and innovation.

As a private chef she offers a unique and personalized dining experience that combines the sophistication and quality with the comfort and intimacy of your own home. When you choose Eliana as your private chef, you can expect a complete culinary experience that goes beyond just a meal. She is dedicated to providing exceptional service, exquisite dishes and a memorable dining experience that will delight your senses and exceed your expectations.

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