Min’s Canapé menu


Salmon tartare with blini, grape, apple

Poached prawn, ginger, spring onion, shellfish aioli

Rice paper roll with peanut sauce

Beef tartare with Korean pear, soy, sesame oil, egg yolk powder

Pumpkin frittata, feta, pinenut

Beet root, apple, creme fraiche, lemon


Mushroom cappuccino with truffle mascarpone foam

Wombok croquette with soy mayo

Braised lambshank slider with tzatziki, mint, cucumber

Cauliflower tart with caviar

Nori rice with tobiko, chive, sesame

Pork bun with spring onion, chilli mayo, cucumber, coriander


Deep fried octopus with chorizo, tomato, harissa

Thai green curry with chicken breast, coriander, rice

Asian salad with nam jim dressing, panfried squid

Thai flavoured bisque, fish of the day, prawn, squid

Beefshort rib burger with smoky tomato, cheese, bbq sauce

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